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Call Center Services

Customer Support services provided at Beyond Outsourcing:

1. Email Support

2. Inbound Call Centre

3. Outbound Call Centre

4. Telemarketing

5. Virtual Security / CCTV Monitoring Services

6. Administrative / Technical Support

7. Help Desk Support

8. Levels of Technic

Customer Support

We have trained our staff to work with the customers in identifying any issues and providing the best solutions. Our call centerteam is fluent in English, friendly and possesses excellent communication skills, thus making them a perfect choice for the outsourcing of your customer support process. 

Some benefits that you can avail by outsourcing the Customer Service of your company to Beyond Outsourcing are as follows:

1. Considerably lesser cost than that of running a dedicated call center

2. 24/7 working customer service center.

3. No staffing issues to deal with. Beyond Outsourcing takes care of the hiring, scheduling, training, and management of the call center team.

4. Easily scalable size of the call center as per your needs

Our Clients and Confidentiality

At Beyond Outsourcing client confidentiality is our number one priority. We are committed to your confidentiality and never reference your company or clients unless written confirmation is given for the same. Our strict NDAs ensure complete privacy.

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